Takeout Food Collingwood

Harbour Street Fishbar

Available till:
8:45pm Wednesday & Thursday
9:45pm Friday & Saturday
7:45pm Sunday


Stimulate your appetite with a delicious starter. 

Bam Bam Shrimp

Tempura style shrimp tossed in sweet chilli sriracha mayo
Seafood Chowder - 10.95
Cream blend of lake, ocean and shellfish
New England Clam Chowder - 10.95
Cherrystone clams, local potatoes and vegetables
Snow Crab 1LB - 34.00
Alaskan snow crab legs served with lemon and drawn butter
Calamari - 18.95
corn flour dusted, deep fried, chipotle mayo dip
CalamarI Diablo - 19.95
Dusted with corn flour, deep fried, banana peppers & jalapeños dusted in cornmeal, deep fried, garlic aioli dip
Coconut Shrimp - 17.95
Sweet chili thai dip
Crab Cakes - 18.95
Maryland style with chipotle mayo
Fresh Steamed P.E.I Mussels - 20.95
coconut curry or white wine garlic


Add Shrimp 10.00, scallops 15.00, pan seared fish 17.95, chicken 9.00, steak 14.00

Beet Salad

Field greens, candied pecans, beets, red onion, cherry tomatoes, served with maple balsamic dressing topped with goat cheese
Caesar Salad - small 11.95 / large 17.95
Romaine hearts, creamy garlic dressing, peameal bacon, croutons, shaved parmesan
Warm Mushroom Salad 19.95
Field mushrooms sauteed in EVOO, garlic, spices on a bed of baby arugula, lemon garlicdressing, shredded parmesan, drizzled with balsamic reduction
Steak & Feta Salad - Large 28.95
chargrilled to perfection served on a bed of baby field greens with maple balsamic deessing
Green Salad - Small 9.95 / Large 14.95
Field greens, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, red onion and carrot strings served with maple balsamic dressing


**add garlic bread 3.00
Seafood Pasta - 29.95
Linguine, black tiger shrimp, scallops, surimi crab, chopped tomato, zucchini in a butter dill sauce topped with parmesan cheeseadd garlic toast 3.00
Pesto Chicken Alfredo - 25.95
Penne with tender chicken in a rich blend of our pesto alfredo sauce, parmesan cheese


All extra sauces/dips .50
Chicken Wings 1 lb. 17.95 / 2 lb. 30.95
All served with carrots and celery sticks, choice of ranch or blue cheese dip. Mild, medium, hot, BBQ, jerk, honey garlic, lemon pepper, salt & pepper, cajun, sweet chili thai, caesar, billy, texas, lemon myrtle


All served with fresh cut fries ** Substitutions are extra
Halibut & Chips - 25.95
Beer battered Halibut served with fresh cut fries, coleslaw, lemon and tartaradd 17.95 for a 2nd piece of fish
Haddock & Chips 20.95
Beer battered Haddock served with fresh cut fries, coleslaw, lemon and tartaradd 13.95 for a 2nd piece of fish
Steak & Feta Salad 27.95
Chargrilled to perfection served on a bed of baby field greens with maple balsamic dressing
Salmon On Greens - 28.95
Chargrilled to perfection served on a bed of baby field greens with maple balsamic dressing
Mushroom Peppercorn Steak - 35.95
10oz AAA NY centre-cut striploin, mushroom peppercorn sauce, mashed potato
Guinness Steak & Mushroom Pie - 22.95
Tender beef, mushrooms, sweet onion in a rich gravy crowned with puffed pastry
Baby Back Ribs - Full Rack - 33.95
Chargrilled tender baby back ribs glazed with smokey BBQ sauce, choice of potato and coleslaw
12oz Texas-Style Ribeye - 41.95
Button mushrooms, red pepper, mashed potato
18% Gratuity for tables of 6 or more.

Lighter Fare

**All served with fresh cut fries 
Most Popular

Fish Tacos

Hard and soft shell tacos, guacamole, tomato, coleslaw, pickled onions, cheese, chipotle mayo
Smash Burger - 19.95
2 of our 3oz pure ground chuck patties served with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle on a brioche bun.add extra:pattie 3.00 / caramelized onion 2.00 / cheese 2.00 / sautéed mushrooms 2.00 / peameal 2.00
Chicken Fingers - 18.95
chicken tenders, plum sauce
Harbour Chilli - 18.95
topped with sour cream, cheddar cheese, green onion, served with garlic toast
Halibut Sandwich - 20.95
lettuce, tomato on a brioche bun tarter sauce

Sides & Add Ons

Garlic Bread / add cheese $2.50 – 9.95Fresh cut fries – 8.95Sweet potato fries – 9.95Poutine – 12.95Coleslaw – 6.95Curry Sauce – 5.95Gravy – 3.95

Kids - 10.00

All kids meals come with a fountain drink. Milk and juice are extra.Fish & FriesBurger & Friesadd cheese 2.00Chicken Fingers & FriesPogo & Fries

Best Takeout Food In Collingwood

The Harbour Street Fish Bar in Collingwood elevates the takeout dining experience with a menu that blends traditional and innovative seafood dishes plus your favourite pasta dishes and steaks!. Esteemed as a leading contender for the best restaurant in Collingwood, it specializes in offering an extensive selection of takeout food. Their menu boasts an array of appetizers, salads enhanced with seafood options, and a variety of pastas and wings. Signature dishes such as Bam Bam Shrimp and Seafood Chowder, alongside mains like Halibut & Chips and Fish Tacos, cater to diverse tastes, including lighter fare and options tailored for children. This culinary hotspot is a must-visit for anyone looking to enjoy the best takeout in Collingwood, showcasing a commitment to quality, flavour, and customer satisfaction.

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