About Us

We opened Harbour Street Fish Bar (The Fish Bar) in April 2012. Our goal was to create a place that served good food and everyone would feel comfortable & welcome. I think we have achieved that when people say it feels like “Cheers”.

We have been in the hospitality industry since 1975, and have used a lot of what we have learned to establish a place that would create the feeling of family and friendship, and yet maintain quality customer service. We hope your time at “The Fish Bar” has been one of fun and enjoyment.

Over the past 8 almost 9 years “The Fish Bar” has gone through many transformations and has become the top live music destination in the Collingwood area. There’s something for everyone! Make sure to check out our calendar page or sign up to our newsletter to see what’s happening and to plan your next adventure to “The Fish Bar”.

Our customers are incredible and the regular clientele who are happy to have a place to gather with friends, are always there to support us!

Our staff are hard working, professional & fun. Each in their own way make everyone feel welcome and consistently strive to give great service. Whether it’s remembering that favourite drink or how you like your food prepared, they’re on it! We can’t say enough about them.

If you are a first timer……Welcome to “The Fish Bar”!

We’re not trendy, we’re just Good!